Create Facebook Custom- / Lookalike-Audience

vifugo offers the possibility to integrate tracking codes in various places (see Tracking codes) to create Facebook Custom- or Lookalike-Audiences:

  • On the registration page
  • On the double opt-in page
  • On the video page

In many cases, the URL of the page is then used to select the target group. However, this is not possible with vifugo, as the URL of the double opt-in page and the video room in particular are different for each participant. 

Instead, you have to use Facebook Events here. This means, that you add an event to the Facebook tracking pixel that you integrate on the double opt-in page tracking that the thank you page was accessed. Like this: 

fbq('track', 'Lead', {
content_category: 'vifugo_registriert',
content_name: '3-schritte-video'

In Facebook, to build the custom / lookalike audience, you don't select a URL, you select the event.

You can find more information about Facebook events here: 

You have to insert the Facebook pixel in the section "Before the </head> tag". 


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