Is there a vifugo partner/affiliate program?

With our vifugo affiliate program, you can earn money month after month - because you recieve a 25% commission on all payments from customers you refer - and of course the same applies to all recurring subscription payments!

Step 1: Sign up for our affiliate program

Our affiliate program is provided by Digistore24. You only have to register and you can immediately start to acquire vifugo customers and earn commissions. 
Just click on this link:
(if you are already registered at Digistore24, you can log in directly and sign up for our affiliate program)

Step 2: Promote our sales video 'The easiest sales funnel in the world!`

This video has extremely good sales rates - so it's perfect for generating sales quickly and easily. Just distribute the following affiliate link to all the people you want to recommend vifugo to:

Important: You have to replace the 'AFFILIATE' in the link with your Digistore24 ID. 


To market vifugo we recommend the following activities:

  • Tell your friends and acquaintances about it - personally
  • Add your affiliate link to your email signature to inform all your email recipients about it.
  • Post your affiliate link in your social media channels
  • Share your affiliate link in your WhatsApp status
  • Mention vifugo on your website
  • Send out a newsletter to your contact list and inform so many people about vifugo at the same time
  • Place ads on Google, Youtube or Facebook
  • If you have a marketing agency or business consultancy: Include vifugo in your portfolio and offer the platform to your clients.

Step 3: Close more sales with our templates

So you don't have to work with texting emails or creating banners, we've created some templates for you here:

Email Templates:

Promotional banners:
Important: Don't forget to include your affiliate link in the emails and banners (and replace the 'AFFILIATE' in the affiliate link with your Digistore24 ID).

Step 4: Add your Digistore24 ID to vifugo for sales with your own vifugo videos as well.

On every vifugo registration page, there is a vifugo logo that links to the vifugo website. If you enter your Digistore24 ID in vifugo, we will copy it into the linked logo. This way you also benefit from purchases that are made through your regular vifugo videos. Please click on your name in the upper right corner of vifugo and open the menu 'Affiliate Program':

You will then have to enter your Digistore24 ID:


Our Affiliate Guidelines

We take great care to ensure that each of our affiliates is rewarded fairly for their work and does not enrich themselves at the expense of others. Therefore, the following guidelines apply:

Permitted Activities:
  1. All activities that promote the sale of vifugo memberships and are not excluded by the prohibitions listed below are permitted.
  2. Explicitly allowed is the use of the term "vifugo" in the context of reviews, blog articles, emails, social media posts, etc.
Prohibited affiliate activities
  1. self-promotion (purchase via your own Digistore24 ID)
  2. ad placement on the keyword "vifugo"
  3. activities where it could be suspected that they are carried out by Next Gig Thing GmbH
  4. impersonating yourself as an employee of Next Big Thing GmbH
  5. using materials of Next Big Thing GmbH that were not explicitly provided to you for your activity as an affiliate (for example, images or texts from our website or our emails)
  6. public promotion of vouchers/codes
  7. integration of content from vifugo (for example, the registration form for one of our videos) as an iFrame on your own website.
For all activities listed under prohibited activities, we reserve the right to immediately suspend your affiliate account and reclaim the paid commissions. 
If you are not sure whether an activity is allowed or not, please send us a short e-mail to - we will answer promptly and you are protected in case of doubt.


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