Pre-filled registration form: How to make your newsletters convert even better

The easier it is to sign up for your videos, the more people will sign up for them. That's why vifugo gives you a pre-fill the sign-up form option if you already have the email address or name - this is usually the case if you promote the video through your existing email list. That will eliminate the need for visitors to fill in their details and allow them to sign up directly.

It works like this:

1. Get the link to your vifugo signup page - you can find it in vifugo in the 'Invite participants' menu. The link looks like this:

2. Attach all the information you want to pre-fill to this link. It looks like this:



Available parameters:

mail: Email address
firstname: First name
lastname: Last name
phone: Phone number
company: Company

Always put the first parameter behind a question mark and all other parameters behind an &-character.


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