The call request

If you can't or don't want to sell your product or service directly in the video (for example, because it's simply not common in your industry or because you don't have an online order form for it), you can offer your participants to call them in the vifugo video room.

To do this, they have to click on a button and enter their phone number - and you can then call them back promptly.

How to do this is described here:

1. Set up the video room button for the call request

The call request is set by default for every new video - but you can still customize the text of the button or the form or set the button to be displayed only after a specific time. To learn how to do this, see the article Edit Video Room

2. How to find out that someone has requested a call

There are two ways to know that someone has asked for a call.

  1. Vifugo can notify you about new call requests via email. You can read how to do it in the article 'Notifications'.
  2. You can check the subscriber list to see who exactly wants you to call them.


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