The vifugo registration page - perfection for the registration rate

The vifugo registration page was perfected over months to achieve the highest possible registration rate. For this purpose, various layouts and components were tested against each other in elaborate split tests - from images and videos to the company logo and additional elements such as a ProvenExpert overlay, Facebook share buttons or dynamic testimonials. The result is the current vifugo registration page. 

Deliberately minimalist

All tests showed: Less is better. Even adding a company logo had a negative impact on the registration rate - as did images, rating elements, social share icons, downloads and testimonials. 

Consciously structured

A very large impact on the registration rate in the many tests was the structure of the registration page. Small changes in the arrangement as well as the omission or addition of elements - such as additional text sections - already has an impact on the registration rate. The result is currently a lean, clear structure that allows content to be grasped in seconds.

Deliberately colored

Our tests were clear: colors attract attention - so here, too, less is more. The currently most successful color design has a gray background and color accents in the places that should catch the visitor's eye. 

Always up-to-date - always the highest perfection

Nothing changes as fast as the zeitgeist of the World Wide Web - what was trendy yesterday is long outdated today. That's why the vifugo registration page is constantly being optimized and adapted. This way we always guarantee you the best possible registration rate - without you having to worry about anything. 


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