Transfer participant data to Klick-Tipp

vifugo gives you the possibility to transfer the data of all participants of your videos to Klick-Tipp. This way you can continue to send newsletters or even send all emails via Klick-Tipp instead of via vifugo. 

The setup happens in two steps. First, you have to create the interface in general and thus establish a connection. Then you can define per video when which data and tags should be transferred to Klick-Tipp.

1. Create a connection to Klick-Tipp

1. Open "interfaces" in the account menu


2. Click on 'New interface' in the upper right corner


3. Give your new interface the name 'Klick-Tipp


4. Choose 'Klick-Tipp as your provider


5. Enter your Klick-Tipp username (not your Klick-Tipp email address)


6. Enter your Klick-Tipp password


7. Click on 'Save' in the upper right corner


This will connect you to Klick-Tipp and you can proceed to the next section.


2. Set, which data should be transferred to Klick-Tipp

The other settings can be done directly in the video menu. Open the menu 'Interface calls' of the video whose participants you want to transfer to Klick-Tipp:


Here you now have various points in time at which you can transfer data to Klick-Tipp, for example 'Upon registration' or 'After participation for viewers'. If you click on a plus button at the respective time, you only have to select your previously created interface and can then define further settings and select which data and which tags should be transferred to Klick-Tipp.

What exactly happens at Klick-Tipp - i.e. whether emails should be sent, etc. - can be set directly at Klick-Tipp. - you then set directly at Klick-Tipp. For this purpose, it is best to use the Klick-Tipp campaigns. 

3. Tips & Tricks

1. if you don't want to send all emails via vifugo but via Klick-Tipp, you select in the menu 'Emails' -> 'Settings' you don't want to send the emails via vifugo.

2. if you send the emails via Klick-Tipp, select 'Interfaces' -> 'Settings' if you want to perform a double opt-in process or not - depending on this, your participants will be redirected to the opt-in page or directly to the video room after registration.


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