Emails: Edit emails

In this menu, you can set when your participants will receive emails. You can find it in every video in the menu 'Emails' -> 'Edit Emails':



Types of emails:

You can use different email types - depending on when and to whom an email is sent:

Double Opt-In

This email always goes out right after registration and asks your subscriber to confirm their email address. That makes sure, you only send emails to people who really want to receive them.

Access data

This email goes out right confirmation of the email address in the double opt-in email and provides the subscriber with the access link to the video.


Reminders are sent out before the time limit expires - you can set when exactly. Once someone has watched the video, of course, no further reminder emails will be sent.

Missed mails

Missed emails are sent after the time limit has expired - you can choose when exactly. These emails are sent only to people who have not watched the video. 

Sales emails

Sales emails are sent after the time limit has expired to all people who have watched the video - again, you can choose when to send them.



You can insert placeholders in the emails - for example, for the first name or the end time. These placeholders are automatically replaced by the correct values when the email is sent. In this way, you can address your participants by name in the e-mails and tell them exactly when they still have time to watch your video.


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