The perfect video

The video is the heart of your vifugo funnel and is mainly responsible for your success. Therefore, in this article, you will learn what is essential.

1. Video title

The title of your video is the first touchpoint your subscribers will have with you - it decides whether they will click on your ads (which usually include the video title) and then also register for your video. Therefore, the following rules apply:

  • Not too long! The video title must be grasped with a glance. Otherwise, it will be read over. So keep it short.
  • Address your target group's wish or pain - this is the only way to motivate them to register for your video.
  • If possible, offer a solution, but don't tell them what it is (otherwise, they won't have to watch the video).

Very good are always titles like:

  • Three steps to...
  • The way to...
  • Five expert tips for...

2. Video content

If you already have a suitable video, you can use that directly - existing videos are usually great for gathering initial contact information and making initial sales. If you don't have a video yet, or your existing one isn't delivering the results you want, the following framework will help you build an optimal vifugo video: 

Welcome (<1 minute)

Welcome your participants and emphasize how good and critical they are to register for and watch the video.

Introduction (~2 minutes)

Introduce yourself briefly - this is the moment when you can also position yourself as an expert on the video topic right away:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your background (very roughly)?
  • Where did you get your expert knowledge?

Introduction to the topic (~5 minutes)

The introduction contains two essential elements that may need to be more or less elaborated, depending on the topic:

Prepare the foundation for later arguments: The knowledge you provide in the content section will likely assume some basic knowledge, specific insights, or certain presuppositions. Now is the time to do just that.

Increase problem and desire awareness: The more aware your participants are of their desire or pain and how it affects their lives, the more likely they are to watch the video to the end and take you up on your offer. 

Content (~10 minutes)

Now comes the central part: present the tips, tricks, strategies, and secrets you promised in the video title. Make sure the content reveals just enough to keep you to be seen as an expert and add real value to the presentation, but not so much that the purchase of your product becomes unnecessary because enough knowledge has already been imparted that the attendee will want to try before they buy.

Cut to the value of your offer (~1 minute)

The deciding factor in whether or not your participants will take you up on your offer is whether or not the value you offer is sufficient to fulfil the desire you mentioned earlier or to eliminate pain, and whether or not the value you offer is higher than the price you charge for it. Therefore, it is important that you briefly talk about what exactly you are offering and what the most important elements of your offer are.

Make offer & show button (~ 1 minute)

Now it's time: Make your offer and show the button in the video room.

Raise value & objection handling (~5 minutes)

After you make your offer, not everyone will take it right away. Some don't quite understand the value of your offer (because your offer consists of many different building blocks, not all of which are obvious - like your personal support), others have doubts purely based on the content. Use the last 5 minutes to also show the non-obvious value building blocks of your offer and to rebut common objections (e.g. by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee).

Optimal video duration

An optimal vifugo video usually is between 15 and 35 minutes.

An optimal resolution & aspect ratio

Vifugo supports any video resolution and aspect ratio. However, if you're recording a new video and don't know what to use, we recommend:

  • Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

Above all, it's important that the content is easy to see. Always keep in mind that many people will also watch your video with their smartphones. So do not use small text, for example. 


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