How to attract subscribers to your video

There are several ways you can attract subscribers to your video. Some of them are very simple - you should focus on these in the beginning. Others are very complicated and more for later or for absolute experts.

First things first

Before you start sending traffic to your landingpage, you need to be clear about what your goal is and what the intermediate stages are. We recommend the following structure:

Goal #1: Your vifugo account must be paid.

If you manage that your vifugo-funnels bring in so much profit that your vifugo-account is paid, you are already in the black. From then on you make a profit - even if it is only 10 or 100 € per month in the beginning -  with extremely little effort. Since vifugo is very cheap, this will not be a problem. Just implement a few of the simple strategies we show below - this goal is quickly achieved!

Goal #2: Optimize

Once the overhead is covered, it's time to optimize your vifugo funnels - tweak the video title, the invite text, the signup page, the video, the ads and the offer; set up more vifugo funnels for other products or audiences. Use all the means at your disposal with little effort. This way you can significantly increase the revenue you make through vifugo - from a few hundred to a few thousand € per month.

Goal #3: No perfectionism

At some point, you have to stop optimizing - when this point is reached varies from user to user. You have limited resources, you have limited skills and limited know-how. For example, if you don't have the talent to run Facebook ads or simply can't do it: Don't! You would have to invest a lot of time and money as a beginner - and that is often not in proportion to the resulting profits. Concentrate on what you can do - because even if you make only 100 € profit per month with vifugo, that's already 1200 € per year. What could you already do with that? :-) 

Here we go: The easiest ways

Email Signature

You are in daily contact with people via email - just put the link to your video in your email signature. This alone can get you a handful of subscribers per month. The text could be, for example:

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Social Media Posts

Facebook, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn - all these platforms give you the opportunity to post a link to your video on a regular basis. This is another way to attract some subscribers to your video. 

WhatsApp status

This is how you reach your personal contacts: Simply set a WhatsApp status every 2 weeks that links to your video. Vary the content so that you can reach different people.


If you already have an email list - and even if there are only 50 people on it: Use this potential and send them to your video via newsletter!

Your website

If you already have a website, it probably has regular visitors. Link your vifugo video prominently on your website (preferably directly on the main page) to channel these people to your vifugo video. 

For experts


The most important and valuable way for experts to get subscribers is by placing ads on Facebook, Google and Youtube. The ad placement itself is not a hard task - you can try it even if you are still a beginner. The difficult part is optimizing the whole thing - because ad placement always means trying different strategies one after the other, analyzing the results, adjusting the strategies, implementing tracking etc.; there is hardly anyone who can place a (good) converting Facebook or Google ad on the first try - even most experts can't do it. So you need some budget and some time and breath to set up good converting ad strategies. If you're ready and excited to learn a lot of new knowledge, go for it!


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