I have not received access data for my vifugo account

If you have not received any access data for your vifugo account, this is usually due to one of two reasons.

1. The e-mail was blocked by your spam filter

Please check your spam filter. If you are using an e-mail program such as Windows Mail, it is also possible that the e-mail ended up in the spam filter of your e-mail provider, e.g. directly at web.de or gmx.de, and was not even downloaded into your e-mail program. Please also log into the webmail interface of your e-mail provider and check the spam filter there.

2. You had a typing error in the e-mail address

If you can't find the e-mail in spam folder, you may have mistyped your e-mail address. In this case please send an e-mail containing some details to info@vifugo.com:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Approximate time of your registration

We will then take care of everything else.


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