Vimeo video does not play

If a Vimeo video does not play, it may be due to the following reasons:

1. You added the wrong video URL

Every now and then it happens that you accidentally added the wrong video URL. The correct URL looks like this:


You can copy the correct URL of the video directly in the video overview of Vimeo into your clipboard, in order to then paste it into vifugo.

It works like this:


2. The video has not been rated yet

To find out if that's the problem, first log out of Vimeo (this is important - as long as you're logged in, it still works) and then go to your Vimeo video URL - the player then displays the following:


Instructions on how to rate a video can be found directly on Vimeo: HIER klicken


3. The privacy settings of the video do not allow embedding

In Vimeo paid accounts, you can set, who can see a video and where it can be embedded. This can be done in the 'General' -> 'Privacy' menu of each video:


In the 'Who can see the video?" section, the following settings are allowed:

  • Private
  • Hide on Vimeo
  • Public

In the section 'Where can this be embedded?' the following settings are allowed:

  • Anywhere
  • Specific domains (if you choose this option, it is important that you add your vifugo subdomain to the allowed domains)

With all other settings, the video will not work properly. 


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