vifugo vs. Webinaris - what do I need?

vifugo and WEBINARIS are two powerful platforms for automated content delivery on the Internet. In simple terms, both tools consist of "registration + email sequences + video + forwarding" - and yet vifugo and WEBINARIS are fundamentally different.

Which of the two platforms is the right one for you? It depends on your use case and the goal you want to achieve. In this comparison, you will find out what you need to consider when making your decision.

Features in comparison



  • On the registration page, a prospective customer must select a fixed webinar date and time
  • Due to this "registration hurdle", fewer people will register than would be the case without a fixed date 
  • However, participants will consciously take their time for the appointment. This makes it possible to do webinars of about 45 - 90 minutes (perfect for selling mid- and high-priced products / services)
  • The limitation to a certain day/date when the content can be seen leads to higher audience retention. In combination with the fixed date it means that the participants will listen to you attentively for more than 90min.
  • On the registration page, only the basic data of the registrant is requested, but WITHOUT any fixed date for the video.
  • That means, more people will register than would do with a webinar.
  • After registration, the video is immediately available and is usually viewed immediately. However, hardly anyone has more than 15 - 20 minutes "now".
  • While it is possible to continue watching the video at a later time, our figures show that people rarely continue watching the video at a later time.
  • A vifugo Video should not be longer than 15 - 20 minutes (perfect for selling low to medium priced products / services AND collecting leads/appoitnments)
Perfect for selling
medium & high priced products
Perfect for low priced products & appointments/leads


To sum it up:

➜ lower registration rate, higher retention = high quality contacts.

➜ higher registration rate, lower retention = more contacts.

Professional strategy for advanced users:

vifugo and WEBINARIS can be perfectly combined and complement each other with their respective advantages:

  1.  You can use vifugo to quickly and easily create multiple funnels for different target groups and a high registration rate.
  2. The goal of the funnel can be the registration for the webinar - i.e. you motivate the participants of the vifugo video to register for a webinar. 

In this way, you can address your customers in a very specific and pre-qualified way way without having to set up further sales processes. 

Example: An naturopath sells his digital coaching course "Become pain-free through simple mobility exercises in everyday life" in a webinar.


Using vifugo, he records a 10-minute video for each of his different target groups and then redirects them to his webinar:

Funnel 1: 5 exercises in the office to combat back pain.
Funnel 2: 3 mistakes you should avoid when you have hip pain
Funnel 3: How to relax your shoulders and neck in just 2 weeks
Funnel 4: The 5 most important stretching exercises for commuters 
Funnel 5: How to increase your mobility as a senior citizen 

For all audiences, the mobility exercises in the webinar are the same, but they feel individualized and thus are more likely to buy.


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