Create Vimeo account and upload a video to Vimeo

We recommend uploading your vifugo videos to Vimeo. This is free in the basic version and offers you great options in the paid accounts, such as not allowing participants to rewind the video. 

1. Create a Vimeo account

The first thing you need to do is to create a Vimeo account. It's free and very easy - simply go to and sign up. 


2. Upload video to Vimeo

To upload a video to Vimeo, simply click on 'New video' and follow the instructions: 


3. Copy Vimeo video link

To be able to insert the video link at vifugo, you first have to copy it at Vimeo. To do this, simply click on the link-icon under the video and select 'Copy video link':



4. Tips & Tricks

In the paid versions of Vimeo there are several ways to further customize the video player. Especially in the beginning you don't need this - but if you use vifugo more intensively, this can become relevant. We recommend the following settings in the 'Embed' menu:

  • Disable playbar
  • Disable fullscreen
  • Disable Like
  • Disable watch later
  • Disable sharing
  • Disable embedding



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